What to do if You Find a Shed Snake Skin

You can easily identify a San Bernardino snake by its shed skin , and that will help you determine what measures to put in place to trap or kill the snake. Snakes do shed their skins all year round, and many people will like to know whether the snakes that shed a particular skin is venomous or not- the best possible way to detect this is to look at scales under the tail( sub-caudal scales). While the vipers are venomous in nature, the Colubrids are not. While the non-venomous colubris will have double-rows under the scale of their tails, the vipers that are venomous will normally have single rows of scales under their tail. Once you have identify weather the California snake is venomous or not, then you can ascertain what preventive measures to take to capture it.

Most snakes will spend time underground but they do come out to shed their California snakes usually between 3 weeks and 4 months depending on their growth rates. The shed skins may be as long as 40feet and as deep as 12 feet depending on the species of San Bernardino snake. The shed skin can be tattered, and fragile and can be torn apart by wind, or activities of other animals or humans. For this reason , you need to be careful when handling such items.

As California snakes grow, they do feel uncomfortable with their skin, and they normally do all year round and most especially before the springs. While some people do like to collect shed skins, it is very unhealthy to do such a thing, considering the fact that the outermost layer of the shed skin is often contaminated by bacteria and other diseases. For this reason it is ideal to use sticks or wear some hand gloves to collect the shed skins and throw them inside some containers to be disposed or burnt immediately. It may even be ideal to call an animal control specialist to help collect and help you trace the movements of the snake. Once the shed has been disposed, your next aim should be to track and trap the snake. You can use diverse baits to trap snakes. Snakes like to eat fresh eggs, especially those laid by chickens , thus you can carefully line up some eggs through to a closely covered trap , make sure the eggs are not too obviously placed to raise the curiosity of the San Bernardino snake.

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