Should I Ever Poison an Opossum?

The only North American marsupials, Opossums are one-of-a-kind animals. Common in urban areas, they are wild aggressive animals that strike fear in most people as they hunt and are opportunistic. So, most people go for the option of killing them in order to get rid of them. Of course, you could relocate them but the catching of an alive San Bernardino opossum is not much easy owing to the fact that opossums are rarely seen in daylight which hinders the chances of catching them alive. Having said that, there are several ways to kill an opossum. Poisoning them is one of the option. In this article, we are going to debate the pros and cons of poisoning California opossums in order to kill them. So, if you are planning to kill opossums through poisoning, you might want to give this article a read.

Should I be poisoning opossums?
Naturally, my answer would be a big NO. I am going to support this answer by stating here the pros and cons of killing San Bernardino opossums through poisoning. In the end, you can decide for yourself.

Pros of killing opossum through poisoning are very less.
• It is a relatively easy way as compared to other methods of killing opossums. This is owing to the fact that the regular visit of California opossums to the garbage makes it super easy to lay poison for them in places having garbage.

There are several cons of poisoning the San Bernardino opossums as described below:

• There is not a single legal or registered poison available in the market for the purpose of killing opossums. Of course, there are several recommendations that one should be using those poisons but there is no guarantee of a certain poison working. And, you can't complain of the results to anyone as they were not legal in the first place.

• There are several factors involved in the poisoning of San Bernardino opossums. Any one of them could hinder the possibility of killing opossums. This can result in the possibility that the poisoned opossum may not die eventually and will become more dangerous and volatile.

• The killing could take place in a place where it would be tough to collect the carcass. For example, it could take place under the porch maybe or any other difficult place in the yard where it would be quite a headache to recover the carcass.

• This poisoning method also entails the risk of killing any other animal than San Bernardino opossum. And that animal may not even be yours! Imagine the situation in which you killed a neighbor's cat or dog. Not only you would be killing a harmless animal, you would also be inviting your neighbor's wrath.

• This method is categorized as extremely cruel, indecent and inhumane. There are suggestions and advices by the experts that it would be far better to shoot the animal instead of poisoning it.

Hope you have got an overall idea of the disadvantages of poisoning California opossums. We leave the rest to you!

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