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Equipment Needed to Trap a Groundhog

It is very much difficult to trap San Bernardino groundhogs, but still there are some options which you need to consider. These rodents are one of the most troubling and disturbing animals, which can disturb your life to a greater extent. It is never easy to get rid of them because you will have to deal with each one of them separately for getting the best results. Problem is that groundhogs are very much common in central as well as northeastern regions of U.S so you will have to deal with them very often if you live in these regions. On average they weight approximately 4 to 9 pounds, but if they get decent supply of food, then their size can increase to 31 pounds. Generally they are herbivores and this actually means that they will prefer eating different types of California grasses as well as vegetables, but occasionally can also enjoy eating insects as well as snails.

Problem is that California groundhogs love making burrows as they consider them a good place for hiding and raising young ones. There are different methods that can be used for trapping groundhogs and you are left with two options either you can catch them alive or dead. In a number of situations it has been noticed that people prefer to capture groundhogs because they want to get rid of them. For some shooting them appears as a feasible option using rifle. However, for this you will need to have a good aim and this quality is not present in all of us so it is better that you should do something else. You can also use traps for capturing the San Bernardino groundhogs some of the popular traps that are used in this regard are being mentioned below for our readers.
• Conibear trap
• Foothold trap
• Live Trap

For setting the trap at a proper location you will have to do a lot of hard work so that California animal can be captured at the right time. Regardless of all this, killing the animal is never considered as a humane practice so it will be a lot better if you will use a live trap.

Live trap
You can trap the animal either using bait or without bait. Here it will be better that first of all you should select live trap, which has enough space for holding San Bernardino groundhog. The selection of proper bait is very much important because it will act as the main source of attraction for the rodent. On the other hand if you are using tactics, which don't ask for bait, then it is suggested to select a trap that should not only be easy to handle, but also it must provide you decent results.

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