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Find and Remove a Dead Skunk

One day you may encounter a dead San Bernardino skunk in your backyard or lawn, sometimes on the road and other areas where they usually roam. We want to get rid of it right away to eliminate the unwanted odor that it unleashes while in the processes of decomposition. So what are we gonna do to remove it effectively and free from unwanted germs and viruses? Below are some tips to consider.

• Wear thick gloves. Never use your presented hands to touch a dead skunk. Skunks pass on rabies, and according to the California Department of Environmental Conservation, you can get the opportunity to be infected from a skunk if the skunk's spit comes into contact with an open harm or your mouth, eyes and nose.
• Get a mask that covers your nose to prevent you from smelling it.
• Get the dead skunk beginning from the most punctual stage. Using a shovel is a best material for scooping the San Bernardino skunk off the ground. Despite that you put on some gloves, it is still preferred to don't touch the dead skunk in light of the fact that you don't perceive what sorts of minuscule life forms it passes on to you.
• Empty a waste pack and transport the dead skunk inside. Tie the trash pack tight so that the skunk is altered well inside.
• Transport the trash sack to a dumpster or landfill to discard the California skunk. Leaving the skunk on your property in the junk will continue conveying a foul aroma, so it is a brilliant thought to take the skunk elsewhere.
• Lastly, wash your hands after doing the process above to make sure that there are no contaminants that dwells in your hands.

You also have an option to bury it on the ground if you don't have time to transport it elsewhere. Just make sure that you burry it deep enough so it won't smell and have it's rotting body exposed. Again, if you intend to bury it, use a mask and gloves to ensure your safety during the process like what I have stated above. Wash your hands also after doing it. If you think you cannot handle the situation. You can contact a San Bernardino wildlife rehabilitator or any person whose an expert on disposing dead skunks to assist you. An expert can do that efficiently. Handling dead skunks is not easy especially if it is your first time, it would be best if you will ask assistance to a person who knows how to handle the situation.

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