How do I Clean Bat Feces Out of My Attic?

Problems of guano:
If you have noticed San Bernardino bats in your house especially in the attic then you will definitely have large piles of waste and guano as well. This will not only a bad odor in your house but such droppings of bats can also cause infection of lungs called Histoplasmosis; the disease is caused by inhaling spores of a fungus that is carried in the California bat guano. Other pests like cockroaches, can also cause more infestation by attracting to guano. Moreover the urine and droppings can corrode wood as well as drywall.

The pre-clean:
Before starting the process of cleaning up the guano from the attic you have to clear the attic from California bats first. Then seal all the entry points to stop the bats to reenter the attic. It is illegal to kill, fumigate, or poison the bats. There are no effective bat repellents available in the market so the only method that will work is to perform live San Bernardino bat exclusion. After the exclusion and sealing off the attic, now you can start the job of guano cleaning.

What to wear?
This is the very first principle to be very careful in doing such jobs. Put on a biohazard suit; it is a disposable Tyvek suit with for over shoes and hood. Wear the rubber gloves; a strong headlamp is also a good choice to clearly see and check the attic. The most important of all is the HEPA air filter mask; full face mask is also good in such tasks.

Check the insulation too:
If you do not found any guano on the insulation then spray of enzyme cleaner will be sufficient for cleansing but if the insulation is infused with guano of California bat then it's better to pull it up and replace it because it is not possible to clear all the fungus spores present on the insulation. While cleaning the area it's better to wet it to avoid spores getting in the air.

The next step is the fogging method. This method ensures that the cleanser has reached at every corner of affected area. It will also break down the remaining organic matter left from bats. Fumigation process eliminates the remaining pheromones left behind from the wild creature, San Bernardino bats, which may also attract other pests to this specific area. Seal all the garbage and dispose it of properly.

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