Getting Rats Out of the Attic

Outside of the cage no one likes to see a San Bernardino rat in their home. Rats are some of the scariest and most vile creatures that a person can come across. They not only cause lots of damage within your home, but also carry a variety of diseases and parasites that nobody wants to see left about in their California home. They are never a welcome guest.

The problem is that once in your California home they can be quite difficult to get out. Rats have large litters of babies, even up to six or seven at a time, and this can mean that if a few female rats begin in your home in a matter of a few short months you could have 40 or 50 of them. This can spell disaster. One of the prime locations that were outs like to hang out in is in a person's attic. An attic gives the San Bernardino rat lots of seclusion and privacy where does not disturbed, primarily because people do not use their attics very often. This makes it the ideal place for them to be able to have families, build a nest, and flourish without much human interaction or intervention.

When you do encounter San Bernardino rats in your attic it becomes a daunting task to try to get rid of them, but it can be done. Getting rid of the rats in your attic begins with some very serious measures. You can employee traps that will capture them, and these will be quite successful, but you have to worry about the fact that if you have a large number of rats it may be quite expensive to set out enough traps to be able to capture them. This can make this option a little cost ineffective. A lot of people believe that the best option is to use traps that kill, but this presents the same problem as traps that capture. You would need a large number of these traps to be able to successfully kill a large number of California rats, and that just may not be possible for you to be able to afford that.

There is always the option of poison. You can set out bait and allow the California rats to eat that, where they become poisoned and die. This will eliminate your problem, but it also means that you have to do quite a bit of cleanup to find and get rid of all of the dead San Bernardino rats. While that may not be a pleasant thought it is better than them scurrying around your home.

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